Fast And Furious: Crossroads


FAST AND FURIOUS: CROSSROADS is an Action – Role-playing, Racing type of video game played in Single-player and Multiplayer game mode. SLIGHTLY MAD STUDIOS develops this game, and BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT publishes the game. Director of this game is ANDY TUDOR and Designer of this game is SEAN FITZPATRICK. STEPHEN BAYSTED composes this game. FAST AND FURIOUS is the series of this game association which is based on series of an Action – Film FAST AND FURIOUS. This game was released on 7th August 2020, And can be played on various gaming consoles which are,





FAST AND FURIOUS: CROSSROADS is an Action – Role-playing, Racing type of video game played in Single-player and Multiplayer game mode. This game is based on an Action – Film named FAST AND FURIOUS. In this game, there are all the characters from the movie which can be controlled by us. This game contains very high and Cinematic graphics with lots of cars and weapons which are seen in the movie.

The game contains lots of movie characters like DOMINIC TORETTO, BRIAN O’ CONNER, HAN, LETTY, DECKARD SHAW and many more. In this game, there are lots of cars and heavy machines fulfilled with lots of weapons, arms and ammunition. In this game, the player needs to control one main character and three sub-character as he wants or depending on missions. The main character to be controlled is DOMINIC TORETTO, and the sub-character changes as per the missions while playing the game.

The game contains lots of non – playing a character in Single-player mode. The game contains lots of different game modes which are played in multiplayer mode; The game mode contains three crew which play each mode at the same time the crews are Heroes,  Villains and Cops.

The game modes are,

1) RESCUE MODE:- In Rescue mode, The villains need to get their items to their destination before the heroes recover it and save it, but in between the cops enter and do their job to stop both crews from completing their missions.

2) SEEK AND DESTROY MODE:- In Seek And Destroy mode, The villains have a simple job – to protect their targets by any means available and Heroes need to find those targets and destroy them, and as all way, cops need to stop them from doing their missions.

3) APB MODE, In APB mode, There is one destination and two crews villains and heroes which are tasked to reach their destination and anyway cops try to stop them.

Besides these, there is a CREATE YOUR OWN CREW mode where we can create our own crew to play the game and complete multiplayer missions and finish the game. In the game we can also Customize our car in the garage by doing Paint jobs, Wrapping the car with various designs, Appling artistic License plates and Spray painting the car will make your car look amazing and will change your car’s look.

  • The game is very amazing to play
  • Every Fast And Furious fan should try this game.

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Ameya Hivarkar
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