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FALL GUYS: ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT is a Platformer Battle Royale Survival video game, Developed by MEDIATONIC and Published by DEVELOPER DIGITAL. Producer of this game is ALEX RUSE, and JOSEPH WALSH designs the game. Programmers of the game are JOEL HERBER and RAKESH VANGUR. Artist of this game is ROB JACKSON, and Composers of this game are JUKIO KALLIO and DANIEL HAGSTROM. The engine used to launch this game is UNITY, The game FALL GUYS: ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT was released on 4th August 2020 and can be played on various gaming consoles which are,





FALL GUYS: ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT is a Platformer Battle Royale Survival video game. The game is played in SOLO, DUO, TRIOS and SQUAD game mode. This game is played with a Jellybean like character which moves around in three Dimensional playing fields. The character also can make some additional moves like Jumping, Grabbing/ Climbing, or Diving to assist gameplay. The main aim of the game is to qualify for subsequent rounds by successfully competing with other players. In the game, The player needs to complete mini-games and Qualify in it to play further rounds.

Fall Guys Pre Alpha Screen 3

There are various rounds in the game, Some need to be completed with teamwork and some are obstacles courses in which we need to reach the finish line to get qualified first. Some amount of players can qualify rounds in the given time. The player which cannot Qualify the game, they are removed from the game, They can spectate remaining players or can leave the match and try in another match to qualify. The remaining few players compete with each other till the final match. The final match is designed with a randomized mini-game for smaller player size and one who completes the level first wins the game. The game carries a motto of “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”, Where the only person survives wins till last wins the game. There are a total of 23 rounds in the game which are,


1) See-Saw

2) Hit Parade

3) Door Dash

4) Gate Crash

5) The Whirligig

6) Slime Climb

7) Fruit Chute

8) Dizzy Heights

9) Tip Toe


10) Tail Tag

11) Roll Out

12) Jump Club

13) Perfect Match

14) Block Party


15) Jinxed

16) Rock N’ Roll

17) Egg Scramble

18) Team Tail Tag

19) Fall Ball

20) Hoops Daisy


21) Fall Mountain

22) Hex-A-Gon

23) Royal Fumble

The players can also use in-game currency named as KUDOS, to purchase different outfits, cosmetics and emotes for their character. The players can obtain KUDOS by competing matches and get crowns by winning.

  • The game is entertaining to play
  • One should try this game and enjoy playing with a Jellybean like character.

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