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Migrating Postgres Database From Heroku to Docker Container

While surfing on the internet and brainstorming for a day, I couldn't find any perfect and straightforward guide to make the actual migration of the database. As we all know, the database is a critical...

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Mumbai Gullies

Mumbai Gullies is a GTA styled video game, which is being developed in India by a Indian Game Developer company named GameEon. As we know,...

Passive Design Strategies for Today’s Architecture

Passive design helps take advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature in one's home. the energy efficiency of a building can be...

5 Expert tips for Dealing with Unpaid Architect Fees

Every business that specializes in architecture will have had unpaid architect fees. In the UK the problem is very prevalent with a many architects...

Architecture & Natural Light

Natural light has an effect on a human's health, mood, and comfort in their surroundings. Thoughtful use of natural light plays an important role...

Hades, The Best Game Of 2020

Introduction:- Hades is a Roguelike action role-playing video game played in a single-player mode in isothermic view. it is Developed and Published by Supergiant Games....