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WhatsApp Dark Mode In Beta Version

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Being the world’s second most popular non-Google Android app, WhatsApp is coming up every day with new features. A highly anticipated feature was in Rumours for months, is in for WhatsApp too. So, what’s new now? The answer is the “dark mode” option for WhatsApp. Among the all popular mobile apps available, WhatsApp was the only one of the few that still haven’t entertained dark mode feature. This long wait is over, finally, WhatsApp comes up with dark mode in its latest update, but only in beta. Very soon, This will roll out publicly. Much waited dark mode setting has appeared in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp app for Android (via Android Authority). The option is exactly what this term implies. It gives you a choice between a light or dark theme.

The dark theme option is available in the settings option of the WhatsApp. Users can also stick to the system default theme. If you switch to dark mode, the app’s backgrounds will turn darker. This black doesn’t imply a totally blacked look, instead, it will provide you various shades of dark gray. The update is now rolling out for WhatsApp beta testers via Google Play Store. A few months back, the news was that WhatsApp might come up with two dark modes, till now the beta contains only one set. WhatsApp’s native dark mode is named Dark in the theme selection interface, and it reflects a dark green profile to this messaging app entire UI with some contrasting colors also being added here and there. The WhatsApp home screen and the settings’ menu are now clouded in a dark color, but in the case of the conversation interface, only the chat bubbles are dark while the background is white, or it reflects other color users have set as their background setting.

What do you need to enjoy this dark theme?

First, WhatsApp must be installed in your phone and second, you must be a beta tester already or can now switch to WhatsApp beta tester (but right now WhatsApp is not accepting new beta testers).

How to enable dark mode in your existing WhatsApp?

Open your WhatsApp Go to settings option available at top rightmost Once you get to settings, go for chats, here you will find the display setting that includes theme and wallpaper. Go to theme option to choose between light, dark and battery saver. If you have dark mode system-wide, then dark mode in WhatsApp will be by default setting. In simple words, You can find the option under Settings — Chats — Theme. Android phone running Android 9 or lower versions of the operating system, will automatically between dark, and light themes, in accordance with the battery saver settings for Android on your phone. To avail of this option, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android(2.20.13) is a must. So, one should be signed up as a WhatsApp beta tester otherwise at this moment, you cannot avail of this option. However, doors are still open, the fact that the option is made avail to beta clearly indicates that very soon we will see it as a public release for all WhatsApp users irrespective of beta or not. With the addition of dark mode options, WhatsApp stands in the line of many other popular apps such as Twitter and Instagram which introduced this feature last year I.e. in 2019. However, WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook is still not offering the option in its main FB app. Signs indicate it should be coming fairly soon as well. Hands behind dark theme The new option is discovered by WABetaInfo is available to all beta users (not just those running Android 10, as per earlier rumors) and replaces the app’s usually white and decorated WhatsApp design with shades of dark gray.

Why opt for dark theme?

‌This long we have been talking about a dark theme and almost every worldwide app does have this feature. So why there is this much focus on the dark theme and all apps are temping to add this feature. The answer is simple. Black color have low intensity than the white one. Dark backgrounds have less impact on the eyes. They are easier to use at night or in low light environments. Though, WhatsApp simply has a deeper grayscale color. You can set the default settings to enable dark or white theme as per needs automatically or can leave dark theme all time activated. The dark option is OLED friendly theme. If you are already enrolled on the WhatsApp beta, you can see dark mode by updating WhatsApp to version 2.20.13, if you fall in the second category of those who are not WhatsApp beta user then you can download the APK file to enable dark mode on your system. As darker pixels typically use less power than white ones, so the gray design will help to improve battery life. Though WhatsApp is meant to opt a gray theme, so it will use more power than a deep dark theme with AMOLED screens of other apps but less than the white ones. In the coming days WhatsApp will hopefully go for complete dark mode, might be dark mode is under testing. But these are not definite words as no one can read developers’ minds until they explain it all. The dark theme will definitely honor your device settings if you wish so. Lastly, enjoy the goodness of dark mode.

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