Types Of Display Panel Used In Monitor

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Monitors are the central aspect of computer systems. Various types of monitors are available for sale in the market, but every you have thought about what is meant by TN, IPS, or VA, which is listed in the specification of the monitor you purchase. In this, I will tell what the meaning of TN IPS and VA is, and using this, you can buy a monitor which is suitable for your use.

Display Panel Used in Monitors

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There are three types of display panels available in different monitors: TN panel, IPS panel, and VA Panel.

TN Panel :

TN panel is also known as Twisted Nematic Panel. This is a type of LED (LCD) panel display technology. TN panels are characterized as the fastest and cheapest among the other main types of display panels; these are mainly used for e-sports gaming because, in this panel, you get the best in segment refresh rate and meager response time, which is perfect for gaming. Still, you get terrible quality color grading and viewing angles, so this panel type is not recommended for video editing. These are only for e-sports gaming. These are the cheapest monitors available in the market. The best use of this monitor is for e-sports gaming or regular gaming.

VA Panel :

VA Panel is also known as Vertical Alignment Panel, it is a mixture of TN Panel and IPS Panel because these panel Monitors provide you with proper color grading, decent segment refresh rates, and a decent amount of response time, but in this, you get the best contrast and best image depth. This type of monitor is specially used by multi-taskers, providing them with all specifications and a low cost. Pricier models can have performance comparable to TN. These monitors are general-use monitors that can be used for any purpose.

IPS Panel :

IPS Panel is also known as In-Plane Switching Panel, a type of LED (LCD) display panel technology. This type of display monitor gives you a high-quality color grading and viewing angle, and you can also play regular games on it, but this type of panel gives you an average segment refresh rate and response time. In fact, for a while, it was rare to find an IPS panel with a refresh rate high enough for fair gaming (at least 75 Hz, although most gaming monitors offer at least 144 Hz). This is changing but comes at a premium in terms of price. This display panel is widely used as you can perform video editing and play standard games together on this. These are the most expensive monitors and are sold at a high cost. Professionals use this type of Monitors for video editing, programming, and other purposes.

Which Display is Suitable for Your Use?

We can’t tell which display panel is suitable, but ill help you by giving a hint of the display panel for your use.

If you are a full-time gamer searching for a monitor-only gaming purpose, you should go with a TN display panel because it will cost you less and can only be used for gaming. And if you are a Professional Video Editor, Photo Editor, Content Creator, or programmer, or you want to be one of them and play standard games, you can go with an IPS display panel. These types of monitors are a bit expensive, and after buying them, you will not regret it. And if you want a monitor for the general purpose, you can go with a VA panel display, and these monitors are used only for general purposes.

• In this, I have provided you with information which I came forward with.
• You can decide what type of monitor you want and purchase it.

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