Top 10 Architects in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh, known for architecture and urban design on an international level is one of the early planned cities in India. Planned in the post-independence era by Le Corbusier, it is regarded as the mecca of architecture in India. With modernist buildings and well-planned public squares, Chandigarh architecture is no doubt worth appreciating. A city with such rich architectural culture would surely have induced a good architectural sense and positively impacted the architectural fraternity here. sense and would have had a good impact on the architectural fraternity here.

Let us, therefore, have a look at the top 10 Chandigarh architects and understand how the architectural ideology has developed from the post-independence era to the present times.

1. Renu Khanna & Associates

Principal: Ar. Renu Khanna

Renu Khanna & Associates was established in the year 1986 and is known to have a forte in Institutional buildings for Government, Private & Corporate sectors. Their diverse portfolio includes Bank buildings, Commercial complexes, Industrial units, Residential colonies, Houses, Group housings, and Hospital buildings. This is one of the famous firms among the Chandigarh architects and their strength lies in the commitment to Excellence in Planning and Design.

2. Arc d Architects

Ard d Architects is one of the well-known Chandigarh architects with a good industrial and commercial projects portfolio. Arc d Architects function as Consulting Architects, Approved Valuers, Interior designers, planners, landscape architects & contractor in Chandigarh. They are known to have immense experience in planning, designing, developing, and constructing industrial and commercial projects. Systematic analytical and scientific methodology is being used at Arc d for solving the problems in an absolute sense, thus integrating elements of function, feasibility, flexibility, and aesthetics.

3. Architect Suri and Associates

Principal: Ar. Bhupinder Suri

One of the famous Chandigarh Architect, Suri and Associates was founded to formulate designs that have an aesthetic sense as well as cater to sustainability. Their portfolio ranges from comprehensive Design services in architecture and planning, interior design, restoration to urban design, town planning, and building engineering.

4. Bachitter Singh Associates

Principal: Ar. Bachitter Singh

With a design ideology of blending modernism with traditional architecture, have contributed to the realm of Chandigarh architecture with some great projects in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Project Management, and Interior Designing. The firms have earned a reputation through some major projects like the renovation of the Honorable Chief Minister of Haryana’s office which is located in the iconic Civil Secretariat Building designed by Le Corbusier. 


Principal: Ar. Manmohan Khanna

Along with architecture, KMA is known for its remarkable contribution to town planning, sustainability, and landscaping. The firm is known for executing large-scale projects all over North India. A sustainable approach and incorporating aesthetic appeal are the two main factors that set KMA apart from its peers.

6. Beyond Space Design Studio

Principal: Ar. Kirat Dhillon

The ultimate aim to create and innovate led to the formation of Beyond Space Design Studio. Based in Chandigarh, this firm believes in an ‘outside the box’ thinking approach and has been successful in delivering unique, practical design solutions.

7. Chandokhe & Associates

Principal: Ar. Gagan Chandhoke

The design philosophy at Chandokhe Associates talks about a strategic amalgamation of design aesthetics and practical design solutions. They are among those Chandigarh architects who believe in the constant evolution of design ideologies and methodologies to make way for a flexible proactive design approach.


Principal(s): Ar. Bdrinnath Kaleru, Ar. Prerna Kaleru

One of the leading architecture and design firms in Chandigarh, Studio Ardete is famous to undertake projects in the residential, commercial, housing, hospitality, institutions, and corporate architecture domain spread across India and abroad. They are known to transform regular and conventional methods and create designs that resonate well with art and architecture.

9. Architects Consortium

Principal: Ar. Sudhir B.

Providing a broad spectrum of services including planning, project management, space programming, and interior designs, Architects Consortium is one of the progressive design firms in Chandigarh. The core of the firm lies in the philosophy of introspection coupled with a detailed analysis of the culture and establishing a relationship between nature and mankind. 

10. NOOR Architects Consultants 

Principal: Ar. Sudhir B.

A multi-disciplinary practice working across Urbanism, Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, and Photography, NOOR is among the top architectural firms in Chandigarh. Their design is known to challenge convention and innovation on materiality by amalgamating regional art with modern technology.

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Sudarshan Uppunda
Sudarshan Uppunda
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