Practicing Social Distancing in Housing Societies and Co-Living Spaces

Social distancing is practicing the act of maintaining a minimum distance from each other in order to prevent the community transmission of any kind of intervention implemented to avoid/decrease contact between those who are infected with a disease-causing pathogen and those who are not, so as to stop or slow down the rate and extent of the disease. Although the process has a great impact on the human brain because the process includes one to simply forget about the existence of near ones and also be away from them.

Hence to adhere to this strongly we should assume two things in the back of our minds, firstly being that everyone has the very disease, therefore, everyone is a risk, and secondly to assume that one has the disease and hence can pass it on to other people. However the economy of a state would fall apart at a considerable rate for opting this, but perhaps lives are way more important.

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Housing Societies practicing the Norm

The housing societies are most prone to act as the roots for the community transmission as people from various backgrounds live within close proximity, hence issuing various advisories for these is an essential thing. The initiatives taken by residence are appreciable including installation of waste bins outside their premises along with installing water tanks and sanitizers for the people who would be entering the area for providing essential services. Also other then the people proving the essential services and the ones with genuine needs are allowed inside the area.

Some housing societies have taken an initiative to check on the primary symptoms of the disease before letting anyone into the premises, to maintain the hygiene with the premises the entire society is being sanitized with disinfectants at least twice a day. Some private sectors have even shown assistance by offering their hands at this and helping the entire process. As of the housekeeping and security services, the minimum number of people required is deployed and the newspaper vendors are not allowed inside each of the resident’s needs to walk over to the van to collect their copy.

The residents’ welfare organizations have set up Kiosks inside the condominium to ensure a continuous supply of daily essentials amid coronavirus lockdown. They have also instructed the vendors to wear gloves and masks as a necessity before selling their products to the customers. In addition to this several other societies have set up fever clinics within the premises to facilitate medical checkups to the resident in light of the worse Coronavirus pandemic.


Co-living Spaces and Social Distancing

Co-living, as we know, is a practice that is growing its roots around the world especially among the students and bachelors as it is an economic option of living in a community. Although the sector has already received a huge blow because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, where the safety issues of community living have been questioned as most people have been living there in shared rooms or common spaces hence the basic guideline of social distancing was not initially possible there.

The various companies handling the spaces, however, wanted to come up with some kind of solution by strengthening the cleaning facilities along with regular sanitation of the rooms including the tabletops, doorknobs, and so on. The community residents have been advised to use masks and gloves when they would stepping outside their individual rooms, also they have been asked to form groups who would mutually and alternatively reach out to the local markets for fetching the daily needs. They have even been asked on to stock paper towels, hand sanitizers, disinfectants that must be shared by everyone.

The important co-spaces such as the laundry rooms, community kitchens or dining space have been assigned with strict regulations and cleaning schedules, also the residents have taken on to several new initiatives by interacting with each other via video conference, along with exploring individual hobbies and forming related groups. Initially, the meals which were taken together in the community dinning room have been shifted to the corridors. Overall the people living in a co-living are concerned about their individual safety during the global pandemic they’re grateful to be a part of an interactive community.


The concept of social distancing is basically based on the thought that this would reduce the time taken by the specific pandemic to take a longer time to spread than it would earlier have, letting the healthcare system to establish their needs. This also helps in analyzing the nature of the virus better and also makes it safe for the one who has already been suffering.

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