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The game MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is Published and Developed by CAPCOM. The Director of this game is YUYA TOKUDA. The game is produced by HIRONOBU TAKESHITA, SHINGO IZUMI and KAZUNORI INOUE. The game is designed by TERUKI ENDO and YUGO TOGAWA. The game is Programmed by YUUKI OOI and KOTA FUKASAWA. The Artist of this game is KANAME FUJIOKA. The game is Composed by AKIHIKO NARITA and ZHENLAN KANG. MONSTER HUNTER is the Series of this game. MT – FRAMEWORK is the Engine used in this game. The game can be played on:-


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The game was released on 26th January 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 9th August for Microsoft Windows.

The game MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is an Action Role Playing Game. The game has very high graphics in which we can play this game. The game contains a character which we have to control. The character plays the role of a hunter who is tasked to kill or trap the monster which is seen in the whole world of MONSTER HUNTER. We need to trap or kill monsters to study and gather information about the monster. To attack monsters we can Craft Weapons, Armors and equipment to defeat or hunt monsters. The game also contains Appropriate Crafting Gear to defeat and hunt down more difficult monsters. Players can hunt the monsters alone or in a group of Fours by the games Online Multiplayer mode.


MONSTER HUNTER WORLD is an Action Role-Playing game. The game is with a Third Person Perspective View. The game contains very high graphics with a low amount of bugs. The game can be played in single-player and multiplayer mode. They have many powerful and dangerous monsters to hunt. To hunt the monsters there are many weapons, armours and equipment. We can also craft our own dream weapons and armours to hunt monsters. We can also build our own character by Dressing him up with different clothes, weapons, armors, equipment and other gadgets.

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The game contains some story of a hunter in it.  While playing the game, the game begins with making our own camp where we can stay and chill out after hunting the monster. We can also change our weapons, armor, equipment and clothes over there. The game has a computer player which gives us information to play the game. The computer player also gives us a map and guides us to hunt the monsters. It also helps us to change the loadout which we use to hunt monsters and instructs us while hunting it. We also have a Dragon pet which helps us to reach our destination as quickly as possible. We also have another pet which helps to hunt monsters.

When the computer player locates a monster in the map we have two options: either we can trap it or kill it. After seeing the monster and once you start attacking a monster you need to continuously attack it by saving your life and your pets life. We can also make the monster frustrated by running and dogging him when he attacks us and then hunting it.

After hunting or trapping the monster we need to take it to our camp to study it and get information about the monster’s ability, weakness, strength and fighting skills. When we are not hunting monsters we can practice combat, increase our stamina and forge heavy weapons to hunt dangerous monsters. We can also upgrade our armor and equipment to hunt deadliest monsters.

  • The game is amazing to play. You can try this game if you are bored with others.
  • The game has nice content with the story to play
  • So install the game and enjoy hunting monsters and crafting dream weapons.

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