Latest Security Trends

Cybersecurity has seen major growth in the past few years. With people working from home more frequently, organizations allowing remote access for its employees and the growing integration of digital tools in a company, the cybersecurity world is seeing many innovations and upgrades that are set to change the sector for good. Consequently, the future of work is here and cybersecurity is surely going to take a huge part in it.

From IT security staff needs to innovative data breaches – the automation and augmentation of security in the cyber world can likely change the landscape in the next few years. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

latest cyber security trends

Rise of smart consumer devices
The growth and adoption of smart consumer devices such as the Alexa and Google Home have posed new threats and challenges to cybersecurity. These devices are being bought and connected to the internet faster than they can be secured. This trend brings an uncertain and testing time for cybersecurity threats for sure. The proliferation for sure can become an attractive target for cyber attackers.

Need for cybersecurity experts

The growing need for cybersecurity professionals and experts might cause a huge gap in demand and supply. Cybersecurity as a profession needs a lot of advanced degrees and skills that might not be within the economic reach of many people. As many as every two in three organizations have reported a shortage for cybersecurity staff especially in automated security, IT solutions, and maintenance.

Growing automation and integration in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals have often been quoted saying that they are under pressure to do more with fewer tools. The active need for automation and integration calls for more cybersecurity professionals who can do the task in stipulated time.  Organizations can effectively manage risk by integrating security into more active processes such as DevOps and CI. Web Apps services are increasingly in the need for cybersecurity implementation and automation solutions that bring a growing necessity and a lot of pressure for understaffed professionals.

The growing threat to autonomous and inter-connected vehicles

Companies such as Tesla, Google and Amazon are testing autonomous/advanced vehicles that are being sued for both personal and commercial purposes. These are new targets for cybercriminals as the software in such vehicles can be easily exploited. The increasing number of such vehicles is not being complemented by the increasing cybersecurity patches, there is a lag and so it remains to see how professionals across the world are going to overcome this challenge for vehicular and urban safety.

Business security

Smartphones are major cyber-attack targets

It is no surprise that mobile devices are major cybersecurity risks. The growing number of smartphones and mobile devices used for personal and commercial purposes are sometimes incomprehensible. The amount of data stored in each of those devices are potential goldmines for data hackers. Thus the growing need for mobile cybersecurity is being called for and leading companies are taking notice. Every device that is sold nowadays is being pre-installed with cybersecurity software and all browsers are being equipped with cybersecurity measures to block malicious activity.

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