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7 Best Home Design Apps

Home Architecture 7 Best Home Design Apps
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Saili Sawantt
Saili Sawantthttps://lifeinaday2016.wordpress.com
Saili is a 23-year-old Architect and Interior Designer, apart from designing being her profession, Writing is what she treats as her passion. She works as a Content Writer, Editor, and Architectural Journalist for various architectural portals like Rethinking the Future (RTF), Blarrow Tech, etc. She has formerly worked with Godrej Properties Limited (GPL) Design Studio, Mumbai. She has been running her blog 'The Occasional Feminist' for almost four years and is a voracious reader.

In a technologically driven era, home design and décor industry have eased out with the help of certain applications. Many apps are now handy to use even on a mobile phone! These home designs apps are accessible both for iPhone and Android users as well.

These apps act like basic tools for determining the area of a room, some even help in visualizing the end product by entering certain criteria’s. These apps are now gaining more popularity as they help the user in defining certain prerequisites that they might want in the finished product. They also help the designer to ease up the process of design through their various options. Some of them even allow you to shop from a library of interior decor ideas, some even offer detailed floor plans and 3D visualizations.

Here’s the list of some of the home design apps: –

  1. Houzz

This interior design app is an easy tool available both on Android and iOS. It is a great app for referral services as it provides innovative interior ideas for space which helps the user to imagine the end-product.

This app is mainly centric towards providing a mood board for a space over helping in it as a design medium.

  1. Photo Measures

This is a paid service for iOS and iPadOS users. It helps indirectly drawings measurements from the photos of space. One can add notes and dimensions on their phones with the use of this app. It is a handy app for people who are involved in the design industry regularly, it can act as a helpful tool for site visits, etc.

This app is mainly centric towards an interior or enclosed set-up and doesn’t have any design-centric applicability.

  1. My Virtual Home

It is a free app for house design and interiors. It is a windows software and is free to try as well. This app functions like a ‘building block’ video game and even has a walkthrough feature for visualizing a house design. With varied furniture options, one can easily choose as per their mood boards and design space on a primitive level.

This app is only available for Windows users, which restricts its range.

  1. Magicplan

A free app for both Windows and iOS users. This app measures space by stitching together photos that are clicked through the app. It helps the user to create a dimensional floorplan using their smartphones and GPS without even measuring or drawings anything. This eases out the user experience. Even the materials are automatically added. Floor plans can be edited and other additions such as electrical and plumbing layouts can also be done.

As this app uses images as a referral to generate plans, the accuracy of this app cannot be guaranteed but it can help in giving a rough idea of the layouts on a timed basis.

  1. Planner 5D

This app is widely available on Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, and even online. This app has the ease of allowing both 2D and 3D views of a design. It has a 4000+ items catalogue with a range of different materials, items, surfaces which can be edited as per the design concept.

Although the usage of this app is free, you’ll have to pay for unlocking the entire catalogue.

  1. Havenly

Havenly is primarily an interior design app that helps in getting design advice. It has a shopping list of interior décor items that can be picked as per a user’s need. It is although an expensive medium as it requires an amount of $79 to unlock its custom design solutions.

  1. RoomScan Pro

This app is only available on iOS for a free trial. This scanning app quickly creates a rough floor plan by just rapidly touching walls. It has varied features such as augmented reality. It can scan entire exteriors, gardens, backyards with the PlotScan and ExteriorScan options.

This app has many features that can be beneficial to create results on a timed basis. They can ease out the initial stages of site visits and approximations. In later stages, they can even help in AR.

The next step of which app to use to ease out a process can be determined by your needs. Some apps are entirely dedicated to shopping based décor services, which some ease out the design process, some help in measurements while some in 3D visualizations. With an era where technology is the key, these apps are indeed a benefit to the users, customers as well as designers.

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