By BLARROW January 1,2023

FinTech  Cybersecurity  Risks and Challenge

Apps are the face of fintech, but APIs are the backbone of the industry—and the prime target of many modern assaults.

Identity Theft


Cybercriminals mimic users and gain access to accounts on fintech apps by using stolen or compromised login credentials.

Data Breaches


Fintech apps contain a massive quantity of personal and financial data, ranging from credit card and bank account numbers to addresses and security question answers.

DDoS Attack


Many of the APIs that power financial apps lack the rate-limiting or resource limits needed to thwart these targeted attacks.

As a result, DDoS assaults pose a significant security risk to many finance apps.

Integration Loophole


Many popular fintech functions, such as mobile transfers, necessitate the use of applications in order to communicate with traditional banks.

The solution typically entails various bespoke APIs, which presents a slew of possible security flaws.

AI Fuzzing


Cybercriminals search for mistakes and vulnerabilities that they might exploit to steal user data and identities.