A Garden of Knowledge : Nandanam School

The second kindergarten in Auroville is located in the middle of the field and is called Nandanam, which means "Garden" in Sanskrit.

This creche/kindergarten can house up to 60 kids, ranging in age from 2.5 to 7 years.

The fundamental tenet of teaching is that nothing can be taught and that the role of the teacher is that of an assist and a guide rather than an instructor or taskmaster.

The central open courtyard serves as the centrepiece and primary draw of this kindergarten concept.

This courtyard serves as a quiet anchor point for the entire arrangement.

Classrooms and activity spaces are grouped together around a shared semi-covered space, forming a continuous ring of activities akin to an indoor street.

Zoning of the school

The architects encountered several obstacles in designing this unusual kindergarten.

The first is that another architect had previously built a portion of the institution.

The areas allow youngsters to develop social skills while while learning.

It gives them the flexibility to work in their own style.