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Vitamin English: Business Topics for Our Tmes [ FREE for Limited Time ]

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In this course, we explore and discuss a variety of relevant business topics. Each section addresses a new business topic and contains nine lessons. The focus for each of the nine lessons is as follows:

1. Warm-up Questions

2. Introduction

3. Vocabulary Practice

4. Reading of News Article

5. Conversation Reading

6. Conversation Comprehension

7. Speaking Practice I

8. Speaking Practice II

9. Section Assessment

The lessons are interactive requiring the student to repeat, respond and think critically. By the end of each section, students will have increased their knowledge about the selected topic and will have improved their ability to speak naturally and fluently about that topic.

The ultimate goal of the course is to allow students to speak fluently about an ever increasing number of business relevant topics.

Who is the target audience?
  • The target student has a desire to improve their spoken English and is interested in business topics.


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