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Tag: c2 servers

GMERA Malware Targets Cryptocurrency Apps On MacOS

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are revolutionary advances. But with every transaction operated online through an application, it poses a serious threat from cyber crooks....

Emotet Botnet Returns With Malicious Phishing Campaign

The botnet strategy of threat actors to infect systems in bulk is rampant. Moreover, the degree of severity is also soaring with every botnet...
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Google Detected 11 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in H1 2020

Recently, Google Project Zero released the list of vulnerabilities exploited in 2019. Along with the first “Year In Review” report, Google also mentioned the...

7 Innovative Structures made from Recycled materials

Sustainability design has a wide spectrum of applicability. Beyond the typical materials like plastic and glass that are widely recycled and are getting used,...

COVID-19 & It’s Huge Impact on Real Estate Markets

An Overview: We are undoubtedly entering an era of profound change in how we work, learn, live and socialise with COVID-19. Developments are incredibly fluid,...


INTRODUCTION:- FORMULA ONE 2020 is a racing type of video game played in first person or third person view which can be played in Single-player...