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Tag: built environment

Role of Architecture in Shaping Human Psychology

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn An Overview: The interplay of architecture and human psychology is vital; people dwell into...

Has Covid Made our Built Spaces Morbid?

Has COVID made our built spaces morbid? We as a world are facing a pandemic situation, which is growing by leaps and bounds on a...

Buildings and Their Own Microbiomes

We have been developing very complex codes, regulations and guidelines to achieve goals like structural safety, fire safety, adequate ventilation, sustainability and energy efficiency,...

Tourism And Architecture

Iconic architecture helps in the identification of a place, city or country. We mostly remember or acknowledge any touristy city by its famous architectural...

Walkable Streets: Livable Built Environments

What is the value of the street where people can walk safely? Well, what privilege will it be to walk safely and efficiently? Why not...
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