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Tags Advanced architecture

Tag: advanced architecture

The World of Virtual Reality in Architecture Design

50 years ago, architects were using hand-drawn prints for their design work. With evolving technology, architects and designers now have computer-drawn designs at their...

Masdar City- The Zero We Need

Masdar City- The Zero We Need Ten years back in the United Arab Emirate, a settlement was foundedr fom scratch. The aim was to make...

Amphibious Houses – A Buoyant Concept

Amphibious houses derive their name from the class of amphibians due to their shared ability to stay on land and water.  An amphibious house...

Design Trends Shaping Future Architecture

Architecture is more than just art; it defines the time and characteristics of the culture. Keeping an eye on the current emerging trends is...

Innovative Facades for Built Structures

Facades are one of the major factors which influence the energy consumption of a structure. They act as an intermediate between the external and...
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