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Conduct any type of Inspection, Audit and Safety Checklists quickly and efficiently with OnSite Checklist Tool. It can be adapted to any type of audit and easy to create a template on the desktop then transferred to the phone.

Quick and simple scoring, reusable templates, photo annotation, assignable actions and much more. No accounts, sign-ups or hidden costs. The OnSite Checklist is flexible for use in any industry, simple enough for everyday use, and has a lot’s of powerful features to make your inspections quicker, richer and more informative.

Get the flexibility you need to build audit templates that suit your business’ needs. Onsite Checklist is versatile enough to handle everything from start to end for your need. Implementation is as easy as creating templates online and in-app. Sharing templates with team members in the field, and visualizing the data as reports are completed.

Each inspection capture following information
– Inspection Details (Title, Reference, Address, Audit Manager & Company, Client Contact & Company)
– Unlimited Assignees/Responsible Persons
– Site Photograph & location Map
– Overall Inspection Comments
– Multiple signatures with auditor name and post

The inspection’s test having following information
– Score (Pass / Fail / NA)
– Text Comments
– Multiple Photos & Annotations
– Assignable actions with due dates and completion status

Inspection Reports
– Compile your inspection results into professionally designed PDF reports.
– Share reports via email, Dropbox and many more.
– Customise reports for particular assignee or due dates.
– Include your own company logo and details on the reports.
– Include the photo taken date time for photos.
– Manage the image quality for generating PDF reports

– Create your personal reusable templates, organized with an easy to use categories and test system.
– Create templates in-app and online with our template builder web page.
– Share your templates by email to anyone who want to import it on any device.
– Copy the existing template and update it according to your inspection’s need.
– Simple and complex questions
– Classify question by categories using sections
– ‘Drag and Drop’ to reorder questions
– Multiple sections within an inspection

Analise your inspections result
– Get a useful overview of inspection results with a visual breakdown of assignees, due dates and overall category scores.
– Include graphs and stats on your customization PDF reports.

OnSite Checklist Recommended for
– Checklists / Check Lists
– Site Survey
– Quality Inspections
– Safety Inspections
– Condition Assessments
– Risk Assessments
– Site auditing and snagging
– Inspections / defects, snags, items
– Site Audits
– Compliance
– Field Services



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