In reaction to sanctions and boycotts, Russia is said to have legalised certain piracy.

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The war situation between Russia and Ukraine is getting worse day by day. Both countries face various problems, especially in Russia, where all the social media platforms have got banned.

Since then, Russia is reportedly easing all the lawsuits related to piracy and copyrights imposed by western nations.

As the war began, all the countries have stopped their services in Russia, such as banning social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, banning online OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, and online game stores such as Epic Games. The companies like Playstore, Adobe, Xbox, and many other countries have also banned their services and sales in Russia, due to which it is facing a lot of problems. Due to this, the government has taken the step to legalize the piracy network.

The country has told Russian companies no obligation to pay patent holders for the use of intellectual property from any country that sanctioned the country; this has effectively legalized piracy.

As reported by City A.M. ( state-backed newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta ), the Russian Economic Development had told media that these proposals were considered:

“The possibility of lifting restrictions on the use of intellectual property contained in certain goods, the supply of which to Russia is limited, is being considered,” the Ministry said to Russian news agency Tass.

“This will smooth out the impact on the market of breaks in supply chains, as well as the shortage of goods and services that arose due to new sanctions by Western countries.”

As Russia legalizes piracy in the country, all the citizens would be able to pirate anything such as Games, Movies, various Softwares, and many more things.

Especially when it comes to movies, the citizens could easily download Hollywood movies and freely pirate them. As the Russian politician Dmitry Lonin has suggested, the country may unblock the tracking suite RuTracker ( Russian Biggest BitTorrent Tracker ) to help Russian pirate Hollywood movies.

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  • This is the most challenging step to legalize piracy.
  • This may also lead to conflict situations and result in a big issue in the ongoing war.

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Ameya Hivarkar
Ameya Hivarkar
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