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Icon Pack/Icon Changer: Oreo Bickies is a collection of more than 3500 oreo biscuit shaped icons with similar icon masking to theme your unthemed icons.

How to apply this Icon Pack/ Icon Changer?

This icon pack supports a number of popular launcher such as nova launcher, evie launcher and many more. So applying this icon pack is too easy. Follow these steps to apply

1. Open Icon Pack App
2. Navigate to Apply Icon Pack Screen
3. The app shows a list of launcher that are supported such as nova launcher, evie launcher etc. Select the nova launcher installed on your phone to apply icons from this icon pack.
4. The app will automatically applies the icons from this icon pack for nova launcher.

Supported Launchers
Nova Launcher, Evie Launcher, Next Launcher, Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Arrow Launcher, Action Launcher, Solo Launcher, Xperia Home Launcher, Aviate Launcher, KK Launcher, Nine Launcher, Blur Launcher, Trebuchet Launcher, Unicon Launcher,Smart Launcher

You may need a 3rd party launcher to apply the icon pack. If your stock launcher doesn’t support icon pack, you can use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon to change your icons without using a 3rd party launcher.

– It has more than 3500 icons and counting
– Great Icon masking to theme your unthemed icons
– More than 40 HD wallpapers
– Monthly Updates
– Dynamic Calendars
– Alternate icons
– Up to 10 free Icon request
– Premium Icon Request
– Icon resolution 192x192px

Google Launcher does not support icon packs and some other custom launcher may not support so please use the launcher listed above.

All the best!


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