Doom Eternal


DOOM ETERNAL is a first-person shooter viewed combat video game played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. This game is Developed by IB SOFTWARE and Published by BETHESDA SOFTWORKS. Director of this game is HUGO MARTIN, and TIMOTHY BELL produces this game.

EVAN EUBANKS and BILLY ETHAN KHAN program DOOM ETERNAL. Artist of this game is TONY GARZA, and the game is Written by HUGO MARTIN, ADAM GASCOINE, JON LANE and CHAD MOSSHOLDER. Composer of this game is MICK GORDON. This game has a series named DOOM which includes lots of games. The engine used to launch this game is ID TECH 7. This game was released on 20th March 2020 and can be played on various gaming consoles which are,




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This game will be also available to play on,





DOOM ETERNAL is a first-person shooter viewed combat video game played in single-player and multiplayer game mode.  In this game the player takes the role of a DOOM GUY also known as DOOM SLAYER who battles the DEMONIC FORCES which are like zombies, DEMONIC FORCES are very powerful and we need to kill them. To attack Demonic forces the player gets lots of arms, ammunition and armours to kill them. The arm and ammunitions are given to the player before every level the weapons used in the game are, Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Heavy cannon, Rocket launcher, Plasma rifle, BFG 9000 and Ballista,

There are also some Mini weapons which also can be used during combat the guns are, Chainsaw, “Crucible blade”, Energy sword and a retractable arm – blade also known as DOOM BLADE. The weapons which we use to attack DEMONIC FORCES, for example, SUPER SHOTGUN  contains a ‘MEAT HOOK’ which grabs on to enemies and slingshots the player toward them this gun also acts like a grappling hook which is useful in combat and for navigating the player from one place to another. These special abilities make the game more interesting to play.

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This game contains various levels, and the game gets tough and complicated as the levels get completed. In the series of DOOM, DOOM ETERNAL has made it very complex and very hard. The game has added lots of new weapons and enemies which are very deadly and have lots of dangerous abilities. The game has various single-player and multiplayer game modes with exciting features in it including a Battle mode which is loved and played by all, The game is played 2 VS 1 multiplayer match where two players control DEMONICS and one needs to kill them.

  • The game is very amazing to play.
  • One should try this game and enjoy killing DEMONICS.

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