Different Ways to Live More Sustainably

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Sustainability has been considered as an integral part of building construction in today’s time. We perceive this phenomenon to be centric towards large scale building elements and practices such as installing solar panels or Rainwater Harvesting units, etc. Sustainability is not just a macro level practice but it can be adopted on a micro level as well. This article mainly focuses on these micro methods that each individual or each household can adopt to live more sustainably and consciously.

Segregation of waste

This small gesture can make a huge impact on how we deal with waste on a macro level as well. Segregation of dry and wet waste allows us to segregate the toxic materials with recyclable or rather less harmful wastes. It is proven that a large amount of waste generated in your households can be recycled and reused. It can be used to make compost.


Save water

Water is our daily essential need from bathing, cooking, etc. A conservative approach in using this utility can help in making a sustainable living. Small measures such as installing water-efficient toilets or dual flush toilets can help in saving a large amount of water daily. Adding aerators to your sink faucets, are also effective ways in reducing household water use.

To make this method effective in the outdoors or landscape areas, use plants that are adapted to the local environment. That helps in easing out their livability factors and also makes them easy to maintain. This curbs down the need for excess watering.

8 ways to save water

Alternative commute methods

Fossil fuels are a valuable non-renewable resource. The term ‘Non-renewable’ in itself calls for due attention to the methods we use to commute. Relying less on cars and more on foot or public transport is a conscious method of living sustainably. For commute within sectors or precincts, one can always use a cycle.

Navi Mumbai has consciously over the years implemented the use of electric bikes and cycles for a green approach that this city aims for. These methods are rather cost-effective and a fun way to explore and commute within the city.


Cities like Copenhagen, Italy, London, etc have emphasized the use of cycles as a method of commute within these previous years. In Denmark, Cycles are the primary source of commute.


Greens over Air Conditioners

Having indoor plants on the balconies or windows help in filtering the outer air and also helps in reducing the heat impact. This conscious method, in turn, makes the inner atmosphere more pleasant. Which in turn leads to less use of air conditioners or coolers.



Even while designing a home, make use of materials that are eco-friendly in nature. Such as using plywood which has these are independent non-governmental organizations that are run on a no-profit basis. These organizations audit the manufacturers to make sure they are sourcing their raw materials from sustainable sources.


Using bamboo blinds is a good way to block the sun and provide a sustainable solution. Even Rattan and Wicker can be used to make easy chairs and tables. This material is aesthetically appealing and the same time uses sustainable materials.

Energy conservation

This is an important factor that helps in making a sustainable lifestyle. Small methods like switching off the appliances and lights when they’re in not use is an effective method to save energy and your electricity bills as well.

Installation energy-efficient appliances that are sustainable in there use and recyclable is beneficial. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

These methods are small and do-able, but the benefits of it are much larger. In today’s time where an environmental emergency is on the verge using these sustainable methods in a way adds up to a greater good.

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