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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Living On the Edge: Why We’re Attracted to Places Where the Manmade Abuts the Natural

The tall skyscrapers around the Upper West Side of New York City face the central park. The plus green trees, the pink of the cherry trees, and the ornate greenery abutting the hustle and bustle of this dynamic city. A contrast transition ‘The Central park’ acts as the heart of this city. From daily joggers […]

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Demolition VS Deconstruction

While rebuilding or rebuilding an existing construction, the first thought that comes to the mind of a business owner or a homeowner is to complete the project as early as possible and at a lower price as possible. From earlier times demolition has been the most employed method to clear the old construction and make […]

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Finding Infinity’s Zero-Carbon strategy for Melbourne

Finding Infinity, an eco research lab has been working with architects, investors, developers and councils on a project of transforming Melbourne into a zero-carbon city by 2030, and already have 15 prototypes ready that could make this plan a reality. Taking into consideration many case studies and research, a 10 step plan has been laid […]

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Will the Pandemic Cause an Exodus in Big cities?

The core of the success of big cities is the economic and social benefits of proximity, but this proximity also supports the transmission of COVID-19. Does this signal the backward spiral of big cities or do vaccines herald a return to normality?  Some predict the dusk of expensive, fast, comfortable city life. Others are optimistic […]

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Post – Pandemic Work Culture with Strategic Design

The lockdown feels like a never-ending spiral, while some countries are still in the recovery stage others are still going through the repercussions. In all these scenarios, workspace architecture has gone through an impactful change with newer and newer methods being introduced to create generative workspaces that embed the Working from home experience into physical […]

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