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Sunday, May 9, 2021

5 Expert tips for Dealing with Unpaid Architect Fees

Every business that specializes in architecture will have had unpaid architect fees. In the UK the problem is very prevalent with a many architects admitting they have not been paid for their architecture services. A recent study conducted by the National Federation of Independent business revealed that over 60% of small businesses have outstanding invoices […]

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A Subsequent Green Future, Dock Mill

An Overview: Urban Agency’s vision drawing inspiration from Timber’s Natural qualities – ‘Dock Mill’ proposed as the tallest timber building in Europe. The international firm foretells a well designed sustainable project that preserves nature conceptually and materiality. Dock Mill follows a vertical trajectory and is all set as a precedent for future projects globally. The […]

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Urban Farming Masterplan by MJZ Firm, Poland

An Overview: Dubbed ‘the gardens of the future’, the project focuses on natural food production. MJZ, an architecture firm has introduced a new urban farming masterplan in Poland. The urban farming masterplan aims to integrate social activities with the public interest in the environment and its protection.   The urban farming masterplan proposes fresh products […]

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Cheap Flooring Ideas

When you are choosing a new floor tile for your house, kitchen or bath, you shall always do a beforehand homework. Spend some time figuring out a budget, style and new trends that go well with the room and your taste. Furthermore, to get the perfect and cheap flooring only for you, you will have […]

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Off-Grid Glam-site, ‘Danish Cabin’

An Overview: With being nestled deep in woods and trees growing throughout the deck and prevailing winds, the Danish Cabin is truly immersed in nature. It’s a timber cabin designed by New British Design (NBD) forming part of an ‘eco glamp site’ in Cornwall, England. The location at which it is constructed takes the name […]

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