Learn Chinese like Kids -Pre School Core Reading Course K1T3 [ Udemy 100% Off ]

I can read Kids’ mind through their eye! Through the experience raising up my son and daughter, I understand their learning pattern. Especially in the Tri-Languages environment in Malaysia, Chinese, English and Malay. Based on my 23 years’ experience teaching for oversea students, I decide to touch ground to develop a set of Courses for Pre-School level. There are two sets in General:

Pre-School Chinese Core Reading Course (CCR),  Pre-School  Children’s Chinese Song (CCS),

Pre-School Chinese Core Reading Course (CCR) will serve as a main teaching materials, like textbook. The contents will be organized at kids’ eye level: what they see and conceive.

Pre-School  Children’s Chinese Song (CCS) can be used as a supplementary. It will make Kid’s learning more fun and engaging.

This is my past 6 years pain-staking effort and used in many International Schools as test stone. Step by step approach and write worksheets proven that my Pre-School Chinese Core Reading Course is effective and unique!

The main Features:  – Topic Oriented (Kids can start with any courses independently) – Step by step in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. – Animated illustration  – Unique Chinese feature explored: like Character story, Pin Yin. – Video Support (the standard pronunciation and teaching)

– Reduce teachers’ burden prepare class teaching

– Reduce the rely on the teachers’ experience and availability.

– Writing worksheets available

– PowerPoint presentation provides interaction, flexibility of teaching

Pre-School Chinese Series includes:

The Levels:  KG3 (age 1.5-2) KG4 (age 2-3)  K1   (age 3-4)  K2  (age 4-5)  K3   (age 5-6)

Who is the target audience?
  • ZERO Beginner
  • Pre School Kids (3-6 year Old)
  • Adult who want to learn Chinese Step by step
  • Adult who want to learn in instinct way as your mother tongue



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